Lawn Food

Lawn Feed
Goulding Liquid Lawn Food
Concentrated liquid feed for lawns. Ensures a perfect balance of nutrients for strong and healthy green lawns.
How to use: Mix in can with water and pour.
When to use: Anytime from April to September.
Size: 1 litre + 100% extra free (makes up to 300 litres)
NPK 11:2:3
Lawn Feed
Goulding Lawn Feed
Grass tonic with iron for a green and healthy lawn. Quick acting formula improves grass growth and produces greener, healthier grass.
How to use: By hand or spreader, follow on-pack instructions.
When to use: March to September.
Sizes: 2.5kg / 4kg
NPK 14.0:1.9:5.8
Lawn Fix Goulding Lawn Fix
Lawn seed and fertiliser to restore old lawns. Convenient shaker pack. Use annually to fill in bare patches and feed the lawn.
How to use: Shake pack over area to be treated.
When to use: April to October.

Lawn Feed Weed Moss Killer

Lawn Weed Feed
Goulding Lawn Feed Weed

Mini granule fertiliser for a rich green weed and moss free lawn. Controlled release nutrients ensure a green healthy lawn. Kills moss and all common weeds.
How to use: Spread evenly and follow on pack instructions carefully.
When to use: April to September.
Sizes: 50sqm / 100sqm + 25% / 285sqm / 400sqm
NPK 10.0:1.3:1.7 with iron
Lawn Weed Feed
Lawn Weed Feed

Lawn Seed

Lawn Seed
Goulding No. 1 Lawn Seed
Blend of seed specially selected to create a fine lawn. Does not contain rye grass.
Sizes: 500g / 1.5kg / 5kg
Front Lawn Seed
Goulding No.2 Front Lawn Seed
A blend of seed ideal for the front lawn. Creates a beautiful yet hardwearing lawn.
Sizes: 500kg / 1.5kg / 5kg /10kg / 20kg
Back Lawn Seed
Goulding No.3 Back Lawn Seed
A blend of seed ideal for a back lawn. Creates a hardwearing back garden lawn suitable for lots of activity.
Sizes: 500kg / 1.5kg / 5kg